Honoured to help recognise your award-winners

Abbey Shrubb and Kally Ambler celebrate Chichester City's Sussex County Cup win on March 13 2014

Not everybody gets a shiny cup, but if your work is recognised, I’ll try to reflect it

As the season draws towards a close – at least, for most of the lower-tier teams – Sent Her Forward wants to reflect the achievements and endeavours of those involved.

This website will announce its own, possibly slightly off-beat, offerings later in the year, but – much like our New Year Honours – while the rewards will be the ultimate accolade for female footballers in the South East, they will be theoretical rather than tangible.

The shiny shields, cups and certificates will be the prerogative of the various leagues, FAs and clubs – but I want to reflect those honours to players, volunteers and officials here, on my site.

So if you are holding such an event, why not let me know in advance. If it’s open to the public, tell me and I’ll try to get along to some of them. I’d love to meet more of you.

Advanced notice

But even if it’s private – or I cannot make it – send me a list of all the award details (remembering to include the title of the award and full name of the recipient, together with their role at the club) and I’ll publish as many as I can on Sent Her Forward.

Please try to give me at least a couple of weeks’ notice of your presentation event so that I can plan coverage.

And if you can supply decent-quality photos from the occasions (with the permission of the copyright-holder for me to use), I’ll publish as many as I can.

I set up this website to reflect the efforts and enthusiasm of so many people involved in women’s and girls’ football in the region.

Publicising their official recognition is another part of that mission.

E-mail sentherforward@yahoo.co.uk, and if possible, please write the word Awards in the subject line.


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