Season’s best: clubs honour their outstanding contributors

Bonnie Long, Gillingham (Photo: Julian Hart)

Bonnie Long was voted Gillingham Reserves players’ player of the year (Photo: Julian Hart)

Sent Her Forward reports on the end-of-season presentation events around the South East

If you would like your club’s winners featured, please send a list of all awards – including full names of recipients, title of award and brief explanation if necessary – plus photos, if you wish, to


First team:
Manager’s player: Lauren Stratful
Players’ player: Ciara Laing
Sportsperson/most improved: Andrea Ryder

Second team:
Manager’s player: Ellie Stewart
Players’ player: Scarlett Cobley
Sportsperson/most improved: Hannah Norton

Manager’s player: Vicki Lucas
Players’ player: Sophie Milner
Sportsperson/most improved: Gemma Cripps

Manager’s player: Heather Dixey
Players’ player: Drew Warren
Parents’ player: Chloe Tulloch

Manager’s player: Morgan Squirell
Players’ player: Charlie Hudson
Sportsperson/most improved: Nicole Hillier

Manager’s player:
Harriette Barraclough
Players’ player: Amy Jarman
Sportsperson/most improved: Bethany Gurr

Manager’s player: Lucy Dante
Players’ player: Hannah Tyler
Sportsperson/most improved: Megan Hodson

Manager’s player:
 Millie Clarke
Players’ player: Edona Hyseni
Parents’ player: Edona Hyseni

Manager’s player:
 Lucey Harrell
Players’ player: Lucey Harrell
Parents’ player: Amy Haynes

Under-10s (Halos):
Manager’s player:
 Jodi Collins
Players’ player: Avani Bhelay
Parents’ player: Rachel Christopher

Under-10s (Hearts):
Manager’s player:
 Brooke Woodroff
Players’ player: Caecilia Janssens
Parents’ player: Sophia Mullender

Matthew Garrett award for special contribution: Emma Hammell

Aylesford Reserves

Bex Stroud, Liz Hopper and Alix Davis, of Aylesford LFC

Aylesford’s award winners: Bex Stroud, Liz Hopper and Alix Davis

Player’s player: Bex Stroud
Manager’s player: Liz Hopper
Supporters’ player: Alix Davis
Special club award (for contribution to club): Georgia Oliver

Brighton & Hove Albion

Player of the season: Tammy Waine

Chichester City

Manager’s player: Lucie Challen
Players’ player: Emma Alexandre
Most improved player: Emma Alexandre

Chichester City Reserves

Manager’s player: Lauren Ellis
Players’ player: Stacy Baker
Most improved player: Amy Bailey

Dedication to football: Kirsty Willett
Club person of the year: Lizzie Ogden


Manager’s player: Annemarie Blanche
Players’ player: Alison Draper
Most committed: Demi King
Top goalscorer: Danni Glancy


Deanna Cooper (Photo: Julian Hart)

Deanna Cooper – Gillingham’s players’ player of the year (Photo: Julian Hart)


Players’ player: Deanna Cooper
Top goalscorer: Charlotte Gurr
Tim Turner merit award: Vicky Ashton-Jones
Reserves player: Bonnie Long
Reserves top goalscorer: Sophie Brown and Holly Learmonth

Herne Bay

Manager’s player: Kate Foster
Players’ player: Debbie Blackmore
Development player: Sarah Holmes
Dedicated player: Elizabeth Lehan
Top goalscorer: Vicky Holness
Special award (100th goal): Vicky Holness


Manager’s player: Michelle Beazley
Players’ player: Michelle Beazley
Coach’s player: Michelle Beazley
Supporters’ player: Michelle Beazley
Most valued player (based on player-of-the-match awards): Kelly Newton
Special award: Jacquie Agnew

Lewes Under-16s

Lewes Under-16s were unbeaten during their league campaign


Manager’s player: Ellie Bonwick
Players’ player: Chloe Evans
Parents’ player: Bethany Jago
Best individual performance: Chloe Evans

Parkwood Rangers

Manager’s player: Emily Vaughan
Players’ player: Corrie-Leigh Goodhew
Most improved player: Ellen Oaten


Amy Swallow award for special achievement: Amber Howden


Top goalscorer: Lily Moore
Most improved player: Alice Mayo
Manager’s player: Madi Hook
Players’ player: Anna Caldwell

Clare martin presents Jasmine Hernandez with her award (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Jasmine Hernandez was voted the under-13s’ most improved player (Photo: Jordan Hampton)


Top goalscorer: Olivia Channon
Most improved player: Jasmine Hernandez
Manager’s player: Mia Gardner
Players’ player: Amber Howden


Top goalscorer: Tia Bramble
Most improved player: Jade Boileau
Manager’s player: Kira Vallely
Players’ player: Abbie Robertson


Top goalscorer: Tia Bramble
Most improved player: Georgia Dickinson
Manager’s player: Nicole Browne
Players’ player: Tia Bramble


Top goalscorer: Yssie Fricker
Most improved player: Chloe Geddes
Manager’s player: Charley Sanford
Players’ player: Jade Samways


Top goalscorer: Ellie Crabb
Most improved player: Hannah Reed
Manager’s player: Julia Moulton
Players’ player: Shannon Sievwright

First team:

Top goalscorer: Lucy Quinn
Most improved player: Nadine Bazan
Manager’s player: Sadie Blakely
Players’ player: Nadine Bazan
Fans’ player: Charley Wilson

Wivelsfield Green

Manager’s player: Lauren Amos
Player’s player: Lauren Amos
Most improved player: Anna Purnell
Clubman of the year: Helen Bashford
Top goalscorer: Emma Chrimes
Goal of the season: Claudia Vogel
Most player of the matches: Leigh Farley


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