Sent Her Forward wins blogging award support

You may have noticed this image now appears at the top of the home page of Sent Her Forward.

Football Blogging Awards widget

A number of this website’s kind readers have put Sent Her Forward forward for consideration in the prestigious Football Blogging Awards, to be held in Manchester in November.

Launched just two years ago, the awards are now widely regarded as a respected promoter of quality writing and blogging on many of football’s varied topics.

Last year’s awards ceremony was attended by more than 200 bloggers. More than 30,000 votes were cast for the various entries, and the winning blogs – plus no doubt many of those shortlisted – won wider recognition and appreciation as a result.

Just think what a mention at the Football Blogging Awards could do for a blog devoted solely to women’s football; how the prestige and publicity could help us portray the female game as “normal”, exploding the myths and misconceptions currently held by so many football supporters.

Of course, it would be nice for me, too, to receive some tangible acknowledgement and recognition of the hours and miles I have put into Sent Her Forward since launching in November last year.

Even though I have paced myself a little more this season, I continue to devote as much time and effort as possible to recording the achievements and dedication of the thousands of players, managers, coaches, secretaries, parents, friends and enthusiasts who not only ensure the survival of the sport but help push it towards the next level.

It’s still September and I have already attended eight games, from pre-season friendlies to Premier League grudge matches. And I’ll do my very best to continue, covering all levels and standards of women’s and girls’ football in the South East.

Of course, I don’t just report on matches. Sent Her Forward has played a key role in highlighting issues affecting grassroots football, such as coping with the impact of bad weather and tackling the issue of “mismatch” cup ties.

Not to mention my own end-of-season awards and New Year Honours which set the football world talking.

Now it’s your turn to have a say in who gets the gongs.

There are plenty more special features to come in the coming weeks and months, many of which will put individuals in the spotlight and offer insight into what it’s like for the women and girls playing the game.

If you feel Sent Her Forward deserves consideration for the award of Best New Football Blog, please register your vote.

Please note: Sent Her Forward is eligible only for Best New Football Blog.

You can vote on the Football Blogging Awards website, via Twitter or Facebook – or all three.

Note carefully how your tweets should be worded. Otherwise they will not count.

You can help publicise the awards – and Sent Her Forward in particular – by clicking on this link to send an automated tweet from your Twitter account.

Tweet: I am voting in @TheFBAs for @PompeyNev as the Best #New Football Blog

I cannot stress how important every vote is. Sent Her Forward has proved a very popular website, approaching 50,000 views in less than a year.

It is followed by hundreds of loyal readers, including players, managers, coaches, club staff, families, friends and officials from various football associations way beyond the South East.

But by comparison with specialist websites that focus on professional football clubs, with huge loyal followings, that figure pales.

And it is the number of votes that will determine which websites are shortlisted for the honours.

Even though the organisers have introduced a second set of awards based on judges’ assessment of the entries’ respective quality – meaning that it is not just those with huge numbers of votes that can win prizes – they will be considered only if they muster sufficient votes to make the shortlist.

So if you believe Sent Her Forward – and women’s football – genuinely deserve recognition, please take the time and trouble to vote… and even invite friends and relatives to do so if they are interested.

Whatever happens in the Football Blogging Awards, I know Sent Her Forward is appreciated by many of you. It couldn’t happen without you, and I would not continue to run it if it wasn’t for you.

Thank you.

Closing date for voting is October 10.


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