Gosport pull out as injuries take their toll

Action from Gosport Borough v Chichester City, Sep 2014

Gosport lost the match – and their goalkeeper – in their first league appearance at Privett Park

Gosport Borough’s Premier League adventure is over after the couple who led the club from the depths of the Hampshire League to the fringes of the winter game’s élite scrapped the team. Continue reading

A tale of two teenagers: bridging the gap between youth and adult football

Shortly before the start of the 2014-15 season, Sussex County Women’s and Girls Football League dropped the bombshell that this season’s Under-18 Division had been scrapped.

Already struggling with around half a dozen entrants, league administrators reluctantly threw in the towel after a couple more pulled out, leaving only three or four ready to participate – a sad indictment of the levels of commitment to competitive football at senior-teen level in the county. Continue reading

How Nina’s nightmare news turned into a dream come true

Nina Wilson

Nina Wilson: Football is one of the main things in my life

Nina Wilson’s promising goalkeeping career appeared to be over almost before it had begun.

When I spoke to her in the summer, the 15-year-old had just been given the news that the Sussex Under-18 League that her team, Lewes, were about to move into had been scrapped because of a lack of interest (only four sides were prepared to take part). Continue reading

Level-headed Molly strikes the perfect balance

Molly Miller (Photo: Frances Earnshaw)

Molly Miller: A lot of people are quite shocked at how seriously I take it (Photo: Frances Earnshaw)

Molly Miller is so crazy about football that when the boys in her first ever (mixed) team wouldn’t pass to her, she left and set up her own.

Then, when her school side struggled to attract players, she became the driving force behind recruiting girls to that, too.

Now settled at a club where football for females is a given, the 17-year-old can focus her energies on honing her game and striving for that dream of becoming a professional footballer. Continue reading

Crawley help themselves to early Christmas bonus with record 21-goal salute

Round-up of the last competitive games of the season in the Sussex County League

Crawley Wasps equalled the Sussex County Women’s League goalscoring record, thrashing Henfield 21-0, just a week after title rivals Lancing cruised to a 20-0 victory.

Lancing 10 9 0 1 82 10 27
Crawley Wasps 10 8 1 1 48 16 25
Hurstpierpoint 8 6 0 2 35 2 18
Lewes 8 5 1 2 35 7 16
Rottingdean Village 7 3 2 2 30 15 11
Jarvis Brook 8 3 0 5 17 22 9
Henfield 9 2 0 7 3 66 6
Worthing Town 9 0 1 8 5 47 1
Predators 9 0 1 8 1 71 1

Continue reading

Lancing youngsters pass crucial test

Action from Lancing v Rottingdean Village, Dec 21 2014

Lancing came out on top in a clash of styles against Rottingdean Village

Lancing (Cobb, Longhurst, Thaxter) 3-2 Rottingdean Village (Clark 2)

Lancing lead the Sussex County Women’s League at Christmas, halfway through their very first season as a team. But they would surely admit they still have a lot to learn as they continue their remarkable transition from youth football to adult competition. Continue reading

Christmas programme invokes the spirit of St Nicholas

Sent Her Forward previews the final round of fixtures before the Christmas break

Lancing line up before their first home match at Culver Road, against Predators Sep 21 2014

Lancing played their first ever Ladies fixture in September

While most amateur footballers have already hung up their boots for the Christmas break, the hardy souls of the Sussex County Women and Girls League still have another round of games to fit in before the festivities can begin.

And Sent Her Forward is determined not to overlook their sacrifice, so here’s a preview devoted entirely to the eight clubs in the Women’s Division who are due to be in action on Sunday – not forgetting the equally hardy folk in the South West involved in the only FAW Premier League Division One South West fixture this weekend. Continue reading