Start spreading the news: Sent Her Forward is on Twitter

Screenshot of Sent Her Forward's Twitter account

Sent Her Forward on Twitter will bring even more news about women’s football in the region

Sent Her Forward has taken another stride into the exciting world of social media with its very own Twitter account.

It will be a one-stop shop for news about women’s football, highlighting issues currently being debated and the views of those involved in the game – players, managers, coaches, the media and, of course, the supporters.

The Twitter account will also alert you to every story that appears on Sent Her Forward the moment it is published, inviting debate, comment and updates.

It will also enable Sent Her Forward to bring you snippets of news about women’s football that would never otherwise make it to the pages of the website, so feel free to alert me to new signings, to club fundraisers, to a shortage of players or – if you are a player looking for a team – your availability.

I shall tweet or retweet as much as I can.

Sent Her Forward itself will continue to bring you news about the game – match previews and reports, weekend round-ups and other news stories, features and interviews.

And I shall continue to publicise them via my personal Twitter account – @PompeyNev.

But now there is an account devoted solely to women’s football – and particularly in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and south London.

Reliable and informative

If you want the latest on the women’s game in the region or you have news that you’d like to share with the wider football world, tweet @SentHerForward and I’ll do my best to spread the word.

With more than 100,000 views from more than 50,000 visitors to the website in less than two years, Sent Her Forward is well-established as a reliable and informative source of information on a sport that has been seriously under-served.

With a new wave of interest – and optimism – generated largely by England’s performances at the Women’s World Cup, and from the growing profile of the FA’s Women’s Super League, the media might at last begin to reflect the interest in the game.

Regardless, Sent Her Forward will continue to publicise not only results but the efforts of those who put so much into it at all levels, from the ultra-efficient top end of the Premier League to the youth and grassroots scene that relies so much on the goodwill and endeavours of so few.

I have always tried to ensure they receive recognition. Sent Her Forward’s Twitter account should ensure there are more opportunities to do just that and reflect the efforts and achievements that might not always make the pages of this website but which will now have an additional platform from which to spread the news.

To join the adventure, follow @SentHerForward and be part of the game.


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