Sent Her Forward honours 2016/17 – at a glance

In case you missed them, here are brief details of all of Sent Her Forward’s end-of-season honours.

Find full details by clicking on the links.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three – the Dream Teams

Team of the season

Tottenham Hotspur

Club of the season

Tottenham Hotspur

Manager of the season

Liam GreenfieldĀ (Chichester City)

College team of the season


Player of the season (Premier League/Super League)

Leeta Rutherford (Lewes)

Player of the season (Grassroots)

Sarah Killick-Bird (Oakwood)

Young player of the season

Eleanor Keegan (Crawley Wasps U15)

Individual performance

Cherelle Khassal (Chichester City v Brislington, September 18 2016)

Student performance

Abbie Sandle (Collyer’s)

Best match

Cowfold 2-3 Worthing (January 22 2017)

People’s Choice

Brooke Marshall (Worthing)

Significant contribution

Sarah Smart and Brian Holmewood (Haywards Heath & Wivelsfield)
Emma Wood and Roy Stannard (Crawley Wasps U15)
Dick Semark (Chichester City Development)
Sadie Wilson-Blakely (Chichester City)
Samantha Quayle (Portsmouth)
Jen Weller (Cowfold)
Brooke Marshall (Worthing)

Dream Teams

Premier/Super League Grassroots Young
Lauren Dolbear (Lewes) Angharad Hills (Worthing) Danni Cutler (Oakwood)
Laura Rafferty (Brighton) Megan Cave (Worthing) Eleanor Keegan (Crawley Wasps U15)
Tammy Waine (Lewes) Sarah Killick-Bird (Oakwood) Sarah Killick-Bird (Oakwood)
Leeta Rutherford (Lewes) Holly Walker (Crawley Wasps) Abbie Sandle (Collyer’s)
Lauren Cheshire (Chichdester City) Jen Weller (Cowfold) Ellie Ramsauer (Lewes Dev/BHASVIC)
Molly Clark (Chichester City) Abi Mason (Worthing) Abi Knight (Oakwood)
Kirsty Barton (Brighton) Andrea Barnard (Haywards Heath & Wivelsfield) Emily Towner (BHASVIC)
Sarah Kempson (Portsmouth) Naomi Robinson (Worthing) Chloe Higham (Oakwood)
Rachel Palmer (Lewes) Emma Green (Oakwood) Henna Butcher (Lewes Dev/BHASVIC)
Charley Wilson-Blakely (Chichester City) Billie-Jo Cobb (Lancing) Emily Syme (Richard Huish College)
Cherelle Khassal (Chichester City) Roseanne Fine (Crawley Wasps) Sara Tubby (Worthing College)
Substitutes: Substitutes: Substitutes:
Sadie Wilson-Blakely (Chichester City); Kerrie Ryan (Chichester City); Laura Ingram (Chichester City); Lucie Challen (Chichester City); Alessia Russo (Brighton); Chloe Dowdell (Chichester City); Kit Graham (Charlton Athletic) Hope Laker (Crawley Wasps Res); Michelle Ward (Crawley Wasps); Claire Katoroz (Lancing); Abi Knight (Oakwood); Gemma Worsfold (Worthing); Jade Page (Oakwood); Faye Rabson (Crawley Wasps) Nina Wilson (Brighton Dev/BHASVIC); Abi Mason (Worthing); Libby Ferguson (Withdean Youth U16); Gracie White (Chichester City U16); Andrea Barnard (Haywards Heath &Wivelsfield); Millie Carter (Lewes Foundation/Worthing College); Alex Collighan (Chichester City U16)



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