For the love of the game: Carrie Dunn reveals what she’s learnt from a year following women’s football at close quarters

Carrie Dunn at a marketing event for her book, The Roar of the Lionesses, 2016 (Photo: Carrie Dunn)Journalist and academic Carrie Dunn has delved into areas previously unexplored in sports books, focusing on developments in a year of women’s football in England.

Dunn, a freelance writer, occasional broadcaster and journalism lecturer, has come up with an insightful account of the lives of footballers, managers, coaches and administrators in a time of great upheaval in the women’s game.

She spoke to Sent Her Forward about her hopes, fears and expectations before, during and since writing it.

Review: The Roar of the Lionesses: Women’s Football in England Continue reading


Review: The Roar of the Lionesses

Carrie Dunn with players and officials from Leyton Orient, 2016 (Photo: Carrie Dunn)

Carrie Dunn spent time with Super League teams and those who aspire to such levels, like Leyton Orient

In an age when books on sport – and football in particular – are commonplace, it’s still rare to find one that focuses on the women’s game.

The Roar of the Lionesses: Women’s Football in England won’t be the last on a subject that is gradually seeping into the consciousness of more open-minded football fans. Continue reading

Wivi call it a day – but not for ever

Wivelsfield Green's Leigh Farley gets in a tackle during their match against Bexhill United Reserves March 30 2014 Photo: Dave Burt

The picture that epitomises Wivi – former captain Leigh Farley in action for one of the most spirited clubs I have seen (Photo: Dave Burt)

How devastating the irony that on the day that Sent Her Forward celebrates its third birthday I have to report that the team that triggered my love of women’s football has called it a day. Continue reading

Lewes director wants level playing field for men and women

The Dripping |Pan, Lewees (Photo: Sent Her Forward)

Under a Lewes director’s plans, the women’s team would have the same budget as the men’s

Stephen Hunt’s public exposé of West Ham United’s lack of support for the women’s team that plays in the club’s name may – or may not – have done the Hammers Ladies a big favour.

The directors’ swift decision to take the autonomous – but related – club formally into the ample bosom of the West Ham family after being reported to the FA by West Ham Ladies’ chairman for alleged equality rules breaches, needs now to be followed by tangible, measurable commitment, as well as nice words, if the team are to reap the benefits. Continue reading

Underdogs become play-off favourites in the battle of the Albions

Sent Her Forward previews the game that could make or break champions’ seasons

Brighton and Sporting Club Albion celebrate winning their respective Premier Leagues, 2016 (Photos: Geoff Penn/BHA/SCA)

Brighton and Sporting Club Albion each won their leagues with points to spare (Photos: Geoff Penn/BHA)

For a second time, the cream of England’s Women’s Premier League footballers will do battle for a chance to join the game’s élite in the Super League. Continue reading

Multiple casualties in West Ham’s traumatic ‘car crash’

Stacey Little in action for West Ham United v Spurs (Photo: Bill Robinson)

Stacey Little has put her body on the line for West Ham and now she’s facing the consequences of taking on the manager (Photo by kind permission of Bill Robinson)

Last week, less than 48 hours after making a 150-mile round-trip to play for West Ham in a cup tie against lower-league opposition in the depths of Sussex, arriving home again just before midnight before getting up for work at 5.30am, Stacey Little was involved in a car accident. Continue reading