Sent Her Forward honours 2016/17 – part two

Collage of Leeta Rutherford, Eleanor Keegan and Sarah Killick-Bird, Sent Her Forward's three players of the season 2016/17 (Photos: James Boyes, Sent Her Forward, Oakwood Ladies)

Three top centre-backs playing at three vastly different levels lit up season 2016/17 (Photos: James Boyes/Sent Her Forward/Oakwood Ladies)

Welcome to the second instalment of awards, rewards and recognition for those who have played big parts in making season 2016/17 what it is. Continue reading


Sent Her Forward honours 2016/17 – part one

Composite photo of Emma Wood, Roy Stannnard, BHASVIC and Jack Wheeler (Photos: Dawn Keegan, Sent Her Forward and Julian Hart)

Emma Wood and Roy Stannard, BHASVIC college team and Jack Wheeler’s Gillingham have all enjoyed great seasons (Photos: Dawn Keegan/Sent Her Forward/Julian Hart)

Season’s over – but the celebrations continue. At least, here at Sent Her Forward they do. The much-anticipated honours are back, with some new categories, some familiar names and some to look out for in the future.

Welcome to part one of the Sent Her Forward honours 2016/17. Continue reading