Brighton’s Super League dream in jeopardy as top trio leave

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Jay Blackie, Charlotte Gurr and Deanna Cooper playjing for Brighton (Photos: James Boyes/Geoff Penn/BHAFC)

Jay Blackie, Charlotte Gurr and Deanna Cooper have all left Brighton following the dismissals of James Marrs and Tracy Doe (Photos: James Boyes, Geoff Penn/BHAFC)

Brighton’s Super League hopes have been plunged into chaos after three key players left in the fallout following the sackings of head coach James Marrs, his assistant Lee Hayes and now the head of the club’s entire women and girls section, Tracy Doe. Continue reading


Brighton sack Marrs on eve of Super League play-off

James Marrs (March 1 2015) (Copyright: Neville Dalton/Sent Her Forward)

James Marrs has won the County Cup twice and finished second and first in the Premier League Southern in his two years at Brighton

Premier League champions Brighton have sacked the management team who led them to the title, just weeks before the biggest match in their history.

Head coach James Marrs has been dismissed for alleged disciplinary breaches following a complaint made “via” Sussex County Football Association. Continue reading

Chaos as league charges two clubs over ‘ineligible players’

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Action from Crawley Wasps v Lancing, Nov 9 2014 (Photo: Dave Burt)

Crawley Wasps and Lancing are among the clubs who could be affected by the league’s eventual decision (Photo: Dave Burt)

The Sussex County League title race has been thrown into disarray after league officials refused to ratify three potentially crucial results involving teams accused of fielding ineligible players.

The league has charged Crawley Wasps and Worthing Town over the number of players with first-team experience who featured in three December Women’s Division fixtures, leaving doubts over whether the results will stand – and the possibility of points deductions for the two teams. Continue reading