Golden girls’ gamble: switch to boys’ football ‘a success’ – but at a price

Action from Crawley Wasps U15 v Preston Panthers, 2016/17 (Photo: Dave Burt)

The steep learning curve has brought benefits and setbacks for Crawley Wasps’ girls (Photo: Dave Burt)

We have to learn to lose.”

When Amy Perry put Crawley Wasps Under-15s ahead in their first competitive match against a boys’ team, few could have imagined that seven months – and 17 games – on, the talented, all-conquering girls team who had previously swept all before them would end their trail-blazing season without a win, having conceded 193 goals and scored just five – two of them on that opening day. Continue reading


Crawley still making a game of it in a boys’ world

Action from Crawley Wasps U15 v Cuckfield Cosmos United, Oct 30 2016 (Photo: Sent Her Forward)

There were some positive signs in Crawley Wasps’ second defeat of the season to Cuckfield Cosmos United

Crawley Wasps U15 0
Cuckfield Cosmos Utd U15 9 (Montford 9, 22, 49; Lehkyj 15, 69; Field 23, 76; Smibert 43; Crow 56)

It’s nearly two months since Crawley Wasps’ under-15 girls took the plunge and joined a boys’ league in the hope of presenting their talented players with the sort of challenge other girls’ teams were unable to provide. Continue reading

Wasps teenagers emerge with dignity and respect from historic encounter with boys

Action between Cuckfield Cosmos U15 and Crawley Wasps U15, Sep 11 2016 (Photo: Sent Her Forward)Cuckfield Cosmos United U15 6 (Crow 44, 48, 58, 59; Smibert 64, 76)
Crawley Wasps U15 2 (Perry 43; Livingston 69)

It had to happen eventually – but it took a team of boys to do it.

Three years and four months after their last competitive defeat, the 13- and 14-year-old girls of Crawley Wasps finally renewed acquaintance with that losing feeling in a thoroughly entertaining, hard-fought and mutually respectful historic encounter at Cuckfield. Continue reading

Watch out, boys – here come the girls!

Sent Her Forward exclusive

Crawley Wasps U15 celebrate a cup win (Photo: Dawn Keegan)

All-conquering Crawley Wasps are ready for another challenge (Photo: Dawn Keegan)

When you can’t stop winning and no girls’ team can live with you, there’s only one thing to do – play the boys. Continue reading