Brighton to invest millions to realise Super League top-tier dream

The American Express Elite Football Performance Centre

Brighton’s women train alongside the men at the club’s Elite Football Performance Centre

Brighton & Hove Albion are prepared to plough more money into their women’s team to help them secure a place in the new-look top tier of the FA Women’s Super League.

In a not entirely unexpected move, the club have vowed to invest a sum “well into seven figures” to persuade the FA to grant Brighton Women one of the new licences to enable them to compete next season in FAWSL 1. Continue reading

Brighton targeting Super League 1 licence – Hope Powell

Hope Powell, Brighton head coach

Hope Powell is aiming for the top tier of English women’s club football after a successful career as England manager (Photo: Sent Her Forward)

Brighton are targeting WSL 1 football next season before their maiden Super League campaign has really got going.

And it may not be their on-field performances that get them there. Continue reading

FA wrong not to promote Portsmouth – Marrs

Sent Her Forward exclusive

Sheffield FC celebrate winning the Premier League champions play-off against Portsmouth in May 2015 (Photo: Clive Jones)

Portsmouth’s season ended in devastation despite having won their league (Photo: Clive Jones)

Portsmouth’s agonising injury-time play-off defeat that denied them a place in the Super League has won them the sympathy of the manager of their biggest rivals for last season’s Premier League title. Continue reading

Cardiff go top – but with no prospect of promotion

Action from Portsmouth v Cardiff City, Sep 13 2014 (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Cardiff have been having talks to try to lift the bar on promotion (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Cardiff City’s frustration at being denied the opportunity of a crack at promotion to the Super League was thrown into even sharper relief yesterday when their 6-1 victory over Copsewood Coventry took them to the top of the Premier League.

The Welsh club have a great chance of winning the Southern division, but even if they do – and overcome the Northern division champions in a championship play-off – they still will not be allowed to join WSL2. Continue reading

Rangers suspension forces Gillingham postponement

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Action from QPR v Gillingham in Jan 2014 (Photo: Girls on the Ball)

Tomorrow would have been the clubs’ first meeting since an FA Cup clash last season (Photo: Girls on the Ball)

Gillingham’s Premier League match against Queens Park Rangers tomorrow has been called off because the London club are currently barred from playing, Sent Her Forward can reveal.

QPR are under a suspension imposed by the Middlesex FA, which prevents them playing in the Premier League, as well as in games under the auspices of the county authority, according to the Football Association. Continue reading

Super League place up for grabs this season

Sent Her Forward Exclusive

Action from Portsmouth v Notts County  April 2014 (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Several of the South’s FAWPL sides have already met Super League teams in the FAW Cup (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

The 12 clubs competing in the coming season’s Premier League Southern are playing for a potential place in the 2016 Super League.

The FA’s women’s boss, Kelly Simmons, has confirmed that the winners of this season’s Southern and Northern Premier Leagues will play off for a place in FAWSL2 for the 2016 summer season. Continue reading

Super League concessions ‘rekindle ambition’

Action from Arsenal's FAW Cup tie against Gillingham, April 2014 (Photo: Julian Hart)

The likes of Gillingham could now play the likes of Arsenal in the Super League within a few years (Photo: Julian Hart)

The South could have its first Super League club as soon as two seasons’ time following the latest concessions by the FA.

The governing body has agreed to accelerate the linking of its élite summer Super League and the pre-existing Premier League, which runs from autumn to spring. Continue reading

A blueprint to save the women’s game

Action from Crawley Wasps v Fulham Compton Jan 2014 (Photo: Dave Burt)

Jacquie Agnew and fellow campaigners believe they have a development model to safeguard teams, from grassroots to the élite (Photo: Dave Burt)

Lewes Ladies manager and head of football operations Jacquie Agnew has been at the forefront of the campaign opposing the FA’s blueprint for changing women’s football, which opponents believe could create an unbridgeable divide between the majority of players and the new summer game élite. Continue reading