Brighton save their best to last to underline their right to a place in the big time

Kate Natkiel celebrates scoring Brighton's first goal against Sheffield FC, May 21 2017 (Photo: Geoff Penn/BHA)

Brighton dominated much of the game, scoring three times for the first time since joining the FAWSL (Photo: Geoff Penn/BHA)

Brighton 3 (Natkiel 21; Owen OG 31; Russo 86)
Sheffield FC 1 (Ward pen 90+2)

Brighton cruised through their final spring-series match with by far their best performance of the competition, proving to themselves as much as anyone else that they are more than capable of surviving in Super League football, come the start of the season proper in September. Continue reading


Countdown to the Super League

Sheffield FC players celebrate with the FAWPL champions' trophy after beating Portmouth 1-0 (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Sheffield beat Portsmouth with a late goal and now have 10 months to attain their Super League dream (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

After their dramatic injury-time play-off victory over Portsmouth yesterday, Sheffield FC are now well on the way to their Super League dream. Continue reading

Valiant Portsmouth suffer injury-time heartbreak as Sheffield head for Super League

Sheffield FC celebrate as Portsmouth are stunned by Giampalma's late goal (Photo: Clive Jones)

Joy and despair: Sheffield broke Portsmouth’s hearts with a goal in the 93rd minute of a captivating match (Photo: Clive Jones)

Portsmouth’s Super League dream is over for this season after they were beaten by an injury-time goal in a pulsating Premier League champions’ play-off against Sheffield FC. Continue reading

Portsmouth and Sheffield prepare to do battle for Super League dream

Portsmouth and Sheffield FC ream pictures (Photos: Jordan Hampton/Ben Webster)

Best teams in the Premier League… but who will come out on top on Sunday? (Photos: Jordan Hampton/Ben Webster)

Months – no, years – of toil on and off the field by an awful lot of people involved in women’s football will hopefully reap their reward on Sunday when the two best teams in the women’s winter game meet for the right to become the first to gain promotion to the Super League. Continue reading

Portsmouth and Sheffield both hit by play-off eligibility ruling

Sent Her Forward exclusive

Helen Mitchell, manager of Sheffield FC (Photo: Ben Webster)

Sheffield FC manager Helen Mitchell has sympathy with Portsmouth’s plight (Photo: Ben Webster)

Sheffield FC’s manager says she has sympathy with Portsmouth’s goalkeeper plight and says she hopes the teenage stand-in who will be thrust into Sunday’s Premier League play-off has a “fantastic” game.

With questions still surrounding the validity of the FAW Premier League decision to bar any players who have not appeared at least three times for their clubs during the league season, it has emerged that both sides will be denied the opportunity to field their strongest sides for the biggest game in the league’s history. Continue reading

Act now in the name of fair play and true justice

Sent Her Forward’s respectful appeal to the FA and Women’s Premier League

Gemma Hillier celebrates her goal for Portsmouth against West Ham United, May 10 2015 (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

Look at their faces. That’s what it means to Portsmouth’s players to win the league and have the chance to play for a place in the Super League (Photo: Jordan Hampton)

First, a declaration. I’m a lifelong supporter of Portsmouth Football Club, having been born and brought up in the area, and continue to be to this day. Continue reading

Portsmouth plunged into keeper crisis for game of a lifetime


Michelle Beazley and Sadie Blakely compjosite (Photos: James Prickett/Kevin Richards)

Both Portsmouth’s senior goalkeepers will miss Sunday’s play-off against Sheffield (Photos: James Prickett/Kevin Richards)

Portsmouth will have to play the biggest game in Premier League history on Sunday without either of their first-team goalkeepers after the league told them they would have to use one of their teenage understudies.

The champions of the southern division face Northern League winners Sheffield in the championship play-off, with the chance of becoming the first club in women’s football to gain promotion to the Super League.

But Perry Northeast’s plans have been thrown into chaos after discovering that rules introduced to cover this season’s first ever play-off prevent the experienced Michelle Beazley replacing the suspended Sadie Blakely because she has not played enough games for the club. Continue reading