What they’re saying

A selection of the comments I’ve received on Twitter and by e-mail since Sent Her Forward launched in November 2013. 

You are quite remarkable in your commitment to raise the profile of the women’s game through your reporting and support. We are all extremely lucky to have outstanding people like you all driving the recognition throughout the country. Keep up the good work – Graham Abercrombie, manager, Nottingham Forest LFC

You do an excellent job for our league and I’m sure all teams appreciate it more than you know – Karl Davy, manager, Worthing

Good honest reporting – Keith Boanas, ex-head coach, Watford

A magnificent piece by @ Still the best writer on women’s football. Neville needs to unretire! – Stephen Hunt, former co-chairman, West Ham United

Good reports, like yours, really add value and texture, beyond the recitation of goals scored etc. They make you feel you’re there – A football fan

An excellent, thoughtful article from one of the sports best commentators – Clive Jones, sports photographer

Great to meet you and please keep doing your support, match reports & blogs are an excellent insight into the game  – Jamie Sherwood, ex-manager, Yeovil Town

Always an honour to get mentioned by this man, thanks for the write up Nev, means a lot – Jordan Lucas, ex-player-coach, Worthing United

Nicest guy in the game, thank you for the write up, Nev – Jason Downer, manager, Worthing United

REALLY good piece. Your work shows in depth, human interest side of football – Steve Phythian, sports coach

Excellent article again, Nev. You’re a credit to the sport – Ryan Conneely, former manager, Copsewood Coventry LFC

Brilliant read! Quality as always – Faye Baker, Brighton & Hove Albion WFC

Brilliant, as per usual, Nev – Alice Belcher, ex-Copsewood Coventry LFC

We have all admired and enjoyed your reports this season and spent most journeys to and from games reading them aloud to each other  in our car convoys – Sarah Smart, ex-Wivelsfield Green LFC

Coaches love your work, too – Graham Abercrombie, manager, Nottingham Forest LFC

Thank you to for your incredible support for the ladies/women’s/girls game. Your commitment is hugely appreciated – Alex Ladd, joint-manager, Newhaven Ladies


No apologies for selective choice @pompeynev‘s excellent blog….but if you can find prose anywhere to equal this, please share #votefornev – Coventry City LFC

If only all non league mags and local dailies showed similar support  – Coventry City LFC

Fantastic, ultra-professional. You give the ladies coverage that they wouldn’t otherwise have got – Perry Northeast (Joint-manager, Portsmouth Ladies, at end-of-season awards evening)

We really appreciate your coverage. You’ve been absolutely fantastic since you’ve started – James Marrs (ex-manager, Gillingham, Brighton)

You’ve raised the profile of women’s football hugely. Keep up the good work – James Marrs

I would like to personally thank you for giving the coverage that you have. All the girls read it – James Marrs

Your continued support for Gills Ladies and the women’s game in our region is most appreciated – Charlotte Richardson (former press officer, Gillingham Ladies)

You’re doing a fantastic job promoting football in the area. Very insightful and unbiased – Perry Northeast 

Loving this Nev. Cracking mate, well done – Lee Roberts (ex-media officer, Portsmouth Ladies)

We like this site by @PompeyNev Well worth a read – Yeovil Town Ladies FC

A really good read. Love the coverage – QPR Ladies FC

Love reading your blogs – Rob Atkin (ex-manager, Durham WFC)


An excellent report. You deserve credit for it – Simon Ratcliffe (ex-manager, Gillingham)

Your account was excellent and widely read – Russell Brooks (Manager, Rottingdean Village)

Incredibly proud to be part of the most informed web site on the women’s beautiful game – Clive Jones, PR/photographer


Great match report! A very fair reflection of the match – Alan Dunt (Manager, Crawley Wasps U18)

Your match report was very good – a real reflection on the game – Jason Downer (Manager, Hangleton Rangers U18)

(Comments on same match report)


I’m so under-confident with my abilities, and reading that really has boosted my confidence. It means a lot, thanks – Player

Thanks – more confidence – Player

Of course we will keep reading Sent Her Forward – they are the best written women’s football articles I’ve read! – Player

It’s a good read – David Brawn (Sports writer, The News Portsmouth)

Great blog with plenty to read – Niall McCaughan (Football commentator, Express FM)


Women’s sport gets covered as a labour of love by the excellent likes of @PompeyNev. But really, it should be covered just as men’s sport is – Dr Carrie Dunn (Journalist, writer and sociologist)

Looks great! – Carrie Dunn

It all looks so good, what a great piece of work! – Carrie Dunn

Great match report – Women’s Soccer United 

Nice blog Neville. I enjoyed reading it – Women’s Soccer United 


Good stats. Good read! – Kally Ambler (Chichester City)

Great new blog on women’s football in South East. Find out what’s going on locally in women’s football. #Worthalook – Sandra Readhead (Sussex County FA welfare officer)

Check out my friend Neville’s blog about women’s football in the South – Sent Her Forward…geddit?..geddit?… – Jasmine Birtles (TV presenter, financial expert, founder of Money Magpie)

It reminds me how much I miss this SHF match reports. Nobody has the eye for detail to match


Nice page, well laid out – John Hampson

Great read. Women’s football round-up for the south east. Via @PompeyNev – Mary Williams (Journalist, lecturer at University of Portsmouth)

Well done! #comprehensive – Mark Carter (Assistant editor, BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey)


Great coverage of women’s football in the south! – SaveOurWPL

Good stuff! – Too Good To Go Down (Award-winning blog)

It’s so nice for the sport to be recognised from somebody outside the ladies’ footballing circle. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see someone appreciate all the hard work that goes into running these grassroots clubs – Helen Bashford (ex-Wivelsfield Green)

A great insight to the world of ladies’ grassroots football, run almost completely by volunteers – Helen Bashford

Thank you as always for your hard work in promoting grassroots football, it really does mean a lot to the girls! – Saltdean United Ladies


Great to see such active interest taken in a game currently under-served by journalists. Not a massive surprise given your pedigree but these are really nicely written reviews – Football fan

Would just like to say what a great job you’re doing to highlight ladies’ and girls’ football at all levels in the South East – Steve King (Coach, Aylesford Ladies Reserves)

A very interesting and informative blog, raising the profile of female football – Steve King

It’s good that the players can get recognition and plaudits, like their male counterparts – Steve King

Think it’s a great addition. Your blog is great, positive move for women’s football so it gets our support – Bexhill United Ladies

Keep up that excellent blog  – Coventry City Twitter account

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