About Sent Her Forward

This is a blog about football. About women’s football.

In fact, thanks to the impressive structures at so many clubs in the South East, it’s about women’s and girls’ football.

It’s snippets of news, match reports and results.

It’s a potential forum to which you can submit your own reports on league and cup matches in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

It’s a chance to flag up performances by talented players, to give notice of that crunch local derby or daunting cup tie against football giants.

The content will be written by me.

But much of it will rely on the co-operation of you – the clubs, the players, the coaches, the spectators, the proud family members who want to shout about their wives, partners, daughters or nieces.

I hope to include results, scorers and league tables, where possible. But I will need your help in making them as comprehensive as possible.

I envisaged this blog growing slowly as I fitted it around my work and other commitments.

But I have been staggered by its popularity so far, and it has grown with the appetite for its content – averaging exactly an article a day in its first six months.

People have read it, shared it and often made it a talking point. If you like it, please do likewise and share it with your friends and colleagues.

If you think it is missing something, give me a nudge – and ideally, the necessary information.

If you see me at a game, say hello. Give me the team news. Highlight the potential stars or the young debutant.

Send me photos – with permission to publish.

Comment on anything about women’s and girls’ football – be it the next England manager or how schools treat the game.

See Contact me/links for details or respond below.

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